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I preform every weekend in West Hollywood, and boy do I need reliable cables. I've tried a lot of them out there to see which brand will work the best for my team, and today I only stick with Aurum Cables. Once I connect my instruments the rock continues crystal sharp until I actually unplug it.

When my College appointed me to lead this years graduation, I instantly knew we will need to hook up large monitors at the event. My room-mate advised me to shop only great quality HDMI cables, so those screens will keep running throughout. We ended up getting Aurum HDMI and they worked seamlessly, terrific.

Today my Fashion Designer Firm is quite large with many cubicles and secretaries behind screens, all connected to the web. When I first set up my place I made sure the IT guys are using high quality Network cables - it was Aurum Network Cables. Today we use Aurum as our exclusive cable provider for all our cubicles and offices.

We do Dj's almost every night. The equipment we got is heavy and expensive. When we actually want to deliver the sound to the guests we need some great wires to that task. Since I made the switch to Aurum we almost never experienced aggravation while performing at any event, large or small.