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About Aurum


Aurum Cables was founded in 2002 seeing a great demand for high end cables of superior quality at competitive pricing. Here at Aurum Cables we have a great passion for all cables like; HDMI, Audio, Network, Speaker, and Instrument cables. Our Cable Specialists research & study how we can deliver the best cables on the market every single day of the year. Our Aurum team consists of highly energetic and extremely productive folks. The atmosphere here is energetic and intense, where we work hard to give you the best quality cables available today. Our workmanship and passion is evident in our products as well as in our factories and warehouses.

Our Plant

Aurum has several warehouses in New York and in China, but our main plant were the production all happens is in Beijing, China. The plant is 100% American overlooked and is constantly visited by our President and Managers to ensure quality production. All our employees which include; labor workers, shipping and handling, phone representatives, sales networkers, undergo an extensive six month training period - where we train and implant the Aurum way of manufacturing and selling Cables.

Aurum Future

Aurum Blaze 2015... Firing off on the all new "HDMI Revolutionary Cables" Connecting TV and Computer Monitors in a way like never before! This will be the hottest HDMI cable, featuring zero friction as well as a 100% water-proof concept. The new cables will allow ZERO downtime and no worry of choppy connectivity. Our cable geniuses are working on creating the fastest, most reliable HDMI cables on this planet. Get ready for the "blazing cables" the most superior cables the world has yet to experience! Stay connected with us for all future updates and events.